We at BrownMillerGroup have seen what makes or breaks a winning campaign. And we work with you to win.


We won 6 Pollies for our work in 2017, the top award for political consultants, and the most awarded to any firm in New York. Find out how, and let's win together.

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Getting the job done. The new-fashioned way.


Award-Winning Direct Mail

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Unforgettable direct mail

Ours is the best in the business.

Pollie Award Winner in 2018 for Best Direct Mail Piece, Best Use of Humor in Direct Mail, and Best Door Hanger

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The best field in the business


Winner of 2018 Pollie Awards for Best Field Program in Local and Municipal, Best Paid Field, and Best GOTV Program.

Our integrated approach to field is like nothing else out there. We win by combining direct contact tools to make sure your message has the highest impact. We write and implement sophisticated plans that cut through the clutter and deliver your message the way it should be heard: loud and clear.

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Damn Good Digital

Our digital does the most for your campaign. Not only is it the most creative out there, it integrates with your message perfectly. We use advanced targeting, and a sophisticated level of collaboration to build a program that catches the eye and makes the right contact. 


Groundbreaking Public Affairs


Public Affairs is a science. The work that we do on the ground directly effects the outcome of any policy measure. It's about being the voice louder than all the rest. 


We used our platform to partner with the New York City Council and create the Feld Voucher Program. The program then expanded and thrived in Los Angeles in 2015. We successfully fought back extremists from banning the circus in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, TX. 

Our mission was simple, create a safe environment for the people of New York State. We mobilized all our resources and picked up steam. We said, "No Fracking Way," and the governor listened. In 2014, Governor Cuomo announced a state-wide ban on fracking. The first ever ban of its kind in the nation. 

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now that's a phone program!


Telephony is the least expensive, most targeted way to communicate messages. We arrive at the right message across all platforms and provide a constant flow of incoming data points so we can continue to refine your universe. Our phones provide ongoing direct contact with your constituency, communicating your messages and motivating people to act.

Despite being outspent 3:1, Kalman won the election by 38 points, with so wide a margin some wondered why it had been considered a competitive race in the first place. We at BrownMiller knew: we made this election matter to every voter and elected a Democrat in a district Trump won by a 2:1 margin. Our work here won us a 2018 Pollie Award for Best Paid Field. 

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