BrownMillerGroup Case Study: NYSUT IE | New York State

BACKGROUND: One of the largest unions in the country, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) looked to BrownMiller to plan and implement a multi-million dollar independent expenditure for 3 of the highest-targeted senate races in the 2014 cycle. We did so, designing extenvie mail and implementing field in all three districts


Strategy and Execution: The three districts were in different parts of the state, meaning we had to consume more than 10 polls for the mail. And we had to operationalize more than 200 canvassers in differing parts of the state.


Result: Although it was a rough year in New York for Democrats, we won the only election Dems won that cycle. We made state-wide news on a few o f the mal pieces, some calling it "the single most effective piece of mail I have ever seen."