Anti-Fracking Action


The marcellus shale covers a significant portion of up-state New York, and under it lies a vast amount of natural gas. The petroleum companies put together an all-out onslaught of lobbying to encourage Governor Cuomo to allow them to frack the shale. To stop this from happening, to save our water, we needed to get the electorate to encourage Cuomo to ban fracking.


We worked with a coalition of activists and environmental groups across the state in a grassroots lobbying effort to encourage both the governor and the state legislature to ban fracking in New York. We worked with coalition partners to gather steam, holding days of action, Albany lobbying days, and NYC grasstops meetings to make our case.


Governor Cuomo announced in 2014 that he would use his executive powers to make New York State the first in the country with a statewide ban on fracking.