Peter Brown has earned his reputation as a top Democratic Party operative by being a member of, consulting on, and winning, some of the most competitive, bruising campaigns in the country.

Armed with Hill experience, an MBA and more than 20 years on the campaign trail, Peter has worked on campaigns of all shapes and sizes, from competitive state races, countywide, congressional, and statewide candidate and coordinated campaigns all across the country. He also spent a few years in management consulting, which helps to bring some order to the chaos that campaigns can, and should, be.

At BrownMillerGroup, Peter works with clients on all aspects of their campaigns, from top-level message and strategy to the nuts and bolts and targeting, making sure campaigns are getting the bang for their buck that they need to win. 

An avid squash player, Peter serves as captain in the NY:Squash league in New York City. He is fluent in Spanish.



Chris Miller is a founding partner of the BrownMiller Group, developing direct contact strategies to win campaigns one voter at a time.  In 2013 Chris and BrownMiller ran the petition drive that placed Eliot Spitzer on the ballot with over 27,000 signatures in just four days.  Chris managed Congressman McMahon’s successful 2008 Staten Island race and a variety of New York campaigns including city council, issue advocacy, and statewide field programs. 

Chris came to New York from the 2008 Obama Presidential Primary campaign where he served as Midwest Field Director and as State Director for the Minnesota, Kansas, and North Dakota Caucuses.  He’s managed labor and issue campaigns around the country for AFSCME International and ACORN ranging from minimum wage, to public education, to voter’s rights, to Project Vote, which registered 1.4 million voters nationally in 2004.  As National Field Director for 21st Century Democrats, he built what was the largest campaign training program in the country, training campaign and organizational staff for races nationalwide.



Alex works with BrownMiller clients to engage voters across multiple platforms using traditional voter contact strategies and digital media tools.

Alex started her time at BrownMiller on a massive advocacy project for one of our non-profit clients, organizing a thousand New Yorkers for a trip to Albany to lobby their legislators. With experience throughout the city and the surrounding areas, Alex has supported and executed field plans for a variety of clients. Most recently, Alex built and accomplished an extensive poll site program for District Attorney Cy Vance's reelection. 

Alex uses her experience in digital media to translate campaign concepts into succinct, and effective, copy and develop cross-channel digital communications for clients. She works with clients to update and expand their digital profile at every level, up and down the ballot. 

Alex uses the latest recruitment tools and techniques to recruit campaign staff, from campaign manager to canvasser, working with our campaigns to build the best team for every race. 

Alex holds Bachelor's Degrees from Binghamton University in Economics and Political Science.


Robert M. Davidson is a graphic designer and photographer with years of experience in political campaigns, direct mail, and strategic messaging.

As a graphic designer, he splits his time between freelance work and serving as creative director for brownmillergroup and Sloop Brewing Co. Aside from making labels for delicious beer, he largely works in progressive politics, and end clients have included Senator Bernie Sanders, US Congress Members and candidates including Charlie Rangel, Gerry Connolly, and Kumar Barve, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, labor unions including NYSUT / UFT and SEIU 32BJ, multiple Democratic State Party Caucuses, and more.

As a photographer, he regularly shoots everything from members of Congress to product shots to weddings. Recently, he has began shooting on film again after many years in the digital wilderness, and is working on a short film with his Arri SR3. His photos have appeared in publications including ThrillistTime Out New York, and Hudson Valley Magazine.

Before focusing professionally on design and photography, he helped found and then worked at brownmillergroup as an account executive, where he managed production and design for millions of dollars in direct mail, created brand identities for clients, crafted campaign budgets and direct contact programs, and wrote, directed, and scored TV and web ads. Prior to joining brownmiller, he ran several local campaigns and served as the field director on a DCCC-targeted Red-to-Blue race in California.

Raised up and down the Eastern seaboard with occasional stints in the Middle East, Robert currently makes his home in West Philly. A graduate of Brooklyn’s Edward R. Murrow High School and the philosophy program at SUNY Purchase, he spends his free time making short films, playing music, reading arcane analytic philosophy that he finds largely absurd, and writing screenplays, short fiction, and essays.


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Brad Macdowall started with BrownMillerGroup in 2016 as the Field Director in Connecticut’s 14th State Senate district. There, he successfully held onto a critical seat in an otherwise bruising year where Democrats lost the majority in the State Senate. At the time, he was a fresh graduate from Quinnipiac University and came with experience from Governor Dan Malloy’s 2014 reelection campaign and Bernie Sander’s campaign for President.

Immediately after winning the Senate race, Brad filed for candidacy for Hamden’s Town Council, where he put together another incredible field program and utilized BrownMillerGroup phone services. In a district held by Republicans for years, Brad won his race 2:3.

Brad is currently working on helping us with a multitude of clients, including our effort to take back the Democratic majority in Connecticut’s State Senate.