On Sunday, July 7th, 2013, Eliot Spitzer announced to the New York Times that he was re-entering politics and running for New York City Comptroller. To gain access to the ballot in NYC, you have gather petitions from registered voters in all five boroughs. 3,500 signatures were required — and they had to be turned in on Thursday, July 11th. Everyone said that it could not be done.


Upon receiving the call, we sprung into action. From the outset, we knew it was a huge challenge, so we left nothing to chance. We leveraged the deep relationships we have across the city and assembled a team. We printed petitions and got the office ready. Then we pulled the trigger and the team hit the streets.


We gathered 27,000 signatures in 3 days. It was a record in New York City, and indeed the country, one that is not likely to be beaten. We went on to do the field and direct mail for the $14M campaign.