Denver City Councilman Michael Hancock had a lifelong dream of becoming the Mayor of Denver. When the time came, he faced two well-known and well-funded opponents. The results of the initial Primary saw Michael coming in 2nd, triggering a runoff election against Chris Romer, the son of the former Colorado governor who had, at the time, more than $500,000 in the bank.


BrownMillerGroup was called in at that point. Our assignment was two-fold. First, work with the Field Director to fine-tune the targeting, and decide where the campaign’s resources would be placed. Having micro-targeted the race, our second task was to write and implement the mail plan, successfully parrying our opponent’s attacks and reframing the debate.


The Hancock mail program successfully turned out his base, and persuaded undecided voter in the month between the primary and the runoff. The micro-targeting in the field allowed for efficient narrative propagation. Despite being outspent by $300,000, Mayor Hancock won by more than 15 points. We continue to work with Mayor Hancock’s campaign; in 2015 we did all of the campaign’s direct mail.


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